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RubyandGems.com is committed to offer its customers Diamonds, Gemstones, Fine Jewelry, Antiques and Watches that represent the compass of their imagination.

The company has advanced design studio that constantly invents unique trends in Gems and Jewelry industry.

‘RubyandGems’ offers a wide range of products that consists of Loose Diamonds, Loose Gemstones, Diamond Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry and Pearl Jewelry. Loose Diamonds includes Certified Diamonds of all shapes and sizes and Natural Fancy Color Diamonds.

We deal in the finest quality Loose Gemstones that includes Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye, Padparadscha, Spinel and various other precious and semi precious gemstones and Pearls. Essentially, all gemstones we offer are 100% natural.

At RubyandGems.com, we are very stringent with our quality. Each of our Diamonds and Gemstones are handpicked and are examined by our expert gemologists. Even in the case of jewelry, where small melee size diamonds and gemstones are used, each stone is carefully examined and graded by them. All our jewelry is hand-crafted by our highly skilled and experienced master jewelers. Moreover, every piece of jewelry we build is 100% nickel free. We also deal in lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic, man-made, cultured or engineered diamonds and gemstones (lab created), which are eco-friendly in nature and are of great importance so as to maintain high level of ecological balance. Hence, almost all our products are certified from amongst the world’s most reputed gemological laboratories like GIA, IGI, GII, GRS, HRD, HKD, EGL, AIGS, Gubelin or SSEF.

Since we are very cautious and particular with our quality, we represent our items as accurately as possible in an attempt to give our customers what we are claiming our products to be. Much time, effort and expense is put into verifying the authenticity of the products we sell. We always do our best to present our items as close to the actual appearance as possible. We also believe in transparency and practice the same.

‘RubyandGems’ is a responsible jeweler and participates in the most ethical sourcing of Conflict-Free Diamonds, Natural Gemstones and Fine Jewelry.

At RubyandGems.com, we are very dedicated towards our customer service so as to make our customers’ experience wonderful. Since we take our customer service very seriously, we are committed to offer an unmatched service that includes Custom Jewelry, Easy Returns, Free Insured Shipping Worldwide, Free Lifetime Warranty, Expert Guidance, Secure Shopping and much more. This helps our customers to buy with great confidence.

You can always contact us for questions, queries, comments and/or suggestions.

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