32.89 Carat Large Magenta Red Natural Star Ruby


This IGI certified cabochon oval-cut star ruby is from Indian origin, showcasing vivid hue of magenta red color with good clear star asterism effect, weighing large size of 32.89-carat and 100% natural, unheated and untreated. Ideal for ring, pendant necklace and/or birth stone astrological purposes.

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Star Ruby Details

Gemstone Name:  Natural Star Ruby;
Number of Pieces:  1 Piece;
Carat Total Weight:

Dimension (L x B x H): 

32.89 Carat;

19.22 x 15.14 x 9.35 mm;

Species:  Corundum;
Shape:  Oval;
Color:  Magenta Red;
Clarity:  Opaque;
Cut:  Cabochon (Excellent);
Hardness (Mohs Scale of 10):  9;
Suggested Geographic Origin:  India;
Treatments/Enchancements:  None;
Certificates/Reports:  IGI;

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